An Extreme Mother’s Day

Hair Accessories Y2K

Room for a 2000s Kid

Back to Boring

T2 Agency Acceptance Illustration

Metal Girl Band (Mock Book Cover)

Scary Movie Night

Best Dog in Show

Facing Your Fears

Emperors New Clothes

A Metaphor

Surprise Picnic

Athena’s Jealousy (Page mockup for a middle grade book of the Greek Story of ‘Arachne’)

A Picnic Outdoors (Page Mock up for a children's book)

A Friendship Unexpected (Page Mock up for a children’s book)

“Happy Holiday’s”

‘Little Vampire’ Middle Grade Story

Project development of a middle grade book about a young boy experiencing growing pains for the first time with the help of his family of vampires. Below are character and setting sketches, along with page layouts of the story.